CCP Centennial: 100 years of lies, persecution and death

Trending 07/01/21, 15:50

In China the celebrations have already begun and will continue for several more days. The entire propaganda apparatus of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is on hand to impose a celebration that is tinged with 100 years of violence, lies, persecutions, poverty and a lot of blood.  Streets, museums, buildings, and ...

China enforces new draconian laws against the clergy

World 05/30/21, 19:34

China has imposed new draconian regulations requiring clergy to follow the essential values of communism and promote the 'sinicization of religion'—using intimidation of criminal repercussions—in a further blow to Pope Francis' secret Sino-Vatican concordat. The Communist Party of China's (CCP) State Bureau of Religious Affairs (SBRA) on May 1 released the ...

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