Antifa marches on Biden’s Inauguration Day: ‘We don’t want Biden—we want revenge’ as they destroyed property

U.S. 01/21/21, 03:03

Antifa marched through the streets of Portland, Oregon, on Inauguration Day carrying anti-Biden signs and anti-police placards, with one sign saying, “We don’t want Biden—We want revenge!” According to one of the signs, Revenge is for “police murders, imperialist wars, and fascist massacres.” A video tweeted by New York Times journalist Mike ...

Joe Biden mentions his death on eve of Inauguration Day

U.S. 01/20/21, 06:43

President-elect Joe Biden talked about his death when he was delivering a farewell speech to his home in Delaware on Tuesday, Jan. 19, before he arrived in Washington for Inauguration Day. During the speech at a National Guard center named for his late son, Biden paused for several moments. At one ...

GOP Sen. David Perdue refuses to concede Georgia runoff election

2022 Campaign 01/06/21, 19:40

A Republican from Georgia resisted demands to admit he lost his Senate seat in the latest election. Sen. David Perdue (R-Ga.) is refusing to concede defeat to Democratic rival Jon Ossoff at the Georgia runoff on Jan. 5. Perdue's campaign team vowed to challenge the election result and verify every single vote ...

Slim Democratic majority struggles to re-elect Nancy Pelosi as House speaker

U.S. 01/03/21, 20:04

An elected official just barely returned for a second term of ensuring the Democratic Party passes legislation in the House. Democrats struggled to use their slim majority in Congress to re-elect Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) as House speaker. After losing 11 seats in the November election to the Republican Party, House Democrats ...

President Trump’s ‘biggest service to America’ was exposing liberal media says Reagan era political director Jeffrey Lord

2022 Campaign 01/01/21, 01:20

A former Reagan era adviser revealed the current president would go down in history for publicly unmasking media bias and its influence on politics. Political analyst, Jeffrey Lord believes President Donald Trump's most significant national achievements were not necessarily in domestic or foreign policy but rather his crusade to expose media ...

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