‘Solar superstorm’ could cause global internet outage for months says study

U.S. 09/23/21, 18:06

A 'solar superstorm' approaching Earth could have devastating consequences for internet access, a new study found. University of California predicts the worldwide web could be disrupted for extended periods, if a superstorm strikes. That is the dire outlook in the latest research report, "Solar superstorms: planning for an internet apocalypse." "[Storms could] ...

Biden signs executive order to reinforce cybersecurity after Colonial Pipeline hack

U.S. 05/14/21, 20:51

Following a string of sweeping cyberattacks on private corporations and federal government networks during the past year, President Joe Biden signed an executive order to improve U.S. cybersecurity protections on Wednesday, May 12. Biden's order to modernize national cyberdefenses seeks to deter breaches by defining minimum requirements that agencies and suppliers ...

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