NY School Perversion: Teens Forced to Attend “Porn Literacy’ Class

New York 05/24/21, 15:56

Parents and students at an elite private school in New York are "shocked" by a mandatory "pornographic literacy" class added to the curriculum without their knowledge. The class contains explicit adult content and is shot through with 'critical race theory' discourse in what appears to be an absurd attempt to ...

Republicans seek to end left-wing indoctrination of military using old law

U.S. 05/19/21, 17:40

A group of Republican lawmakers concerned about critical race theory and left-wing biases that have permeated the military is seeking to amend the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) in an attempt to root out progressive and discriminatory tendencies. The annual NDAA review could include in its new version amendments by Republican ...

Tennessee: Bill passed to ban critical race theory in public schools

U.S. 05/06/21, 20:46

The Tennessee State House has voted to pass a bill banning the teaching of controversial critical race theory in public schools. The theory comes from the radical left and seeks to impose the idea that America is hopelessly rooted in racism from its history and constitution. The bill was approved by ...

Critical race theory banned at public schools and universities after Idaho Senate approves bill

U.S. 04/28/21, 01:29

Taxpayer-funded education providers will be prohibited from critically examining the law and challenging mainstream liberal approaches to racial justice across Idaho. An overwhelming majority of Gem State senators support banning public schools and universities from teaching critical race theory. Twenty-eight Idaho senators voted in favor of enacting the new Dignity and Non-Discrimination ...

Accelerated math courses before grade 11 about to be excluded in Virginia

U.S. 04/24/21, 04:07

The Virginia Department of Education (VDOE) said the base of the reform is "equality," with the state mainly aiming for easier math lessons that could apply to students from all races, reported FoxNews.  VDOE has not made any official announcement, although several county-level school districts and officials have already confirmed Virginia's ...

Ron DeSantis: The governor who challenges the left

U.S. 03/19/21, 13:35

After his recent comments about the Critical Race Theory, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis keeps demonstrating that he is intimidating to liberals.  Not only did he beat a radical Democrat in the 2018 governor's election, but he also helped former President Donald Trump win the Sunshine State in 2020. With coronavirus, he's ...

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