AstraZeneca’s Covid vaccine generates severe capillary leak syndrome

Trending 06/17/21, 15:16

The European Medicines Agency (EMA) discovered a rare new adverse effect known as capillary leak syndrome, caused by the COVID-19 [PCCh Virus] vaccine developed by the multinational pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca. "Capillary leak syndrome is a very rare, serious condition that causes fluid leakage from small blood vessels (capillaries), resulting in swelling ...

News study: Hydroxychloroquine and zinc effective treating COVID-19, increased survival rate by almost 3 times

U.S. 06/10/21, 03:25

The controversial medicine hydroxychloroquine, which former President Donald Trump promoted, helped very ill coronavirus patients live longer, a new study shows. According to the observational study published on medRxiv, the antimalarial medicine hydroxychloroquine, combined with zinc, could enhance the coronavirus survival rate by about 200 percent in ventilated patients with a ...

Good news: Renowned medical journal recommends ivermectin to combat the CCP Virus

World 05/08/21, 20:51

The American Journal of Therapeutics, a renowned bi-monthly medical journal covering pharmacology and therapeutics, recommends that ivermectin be used routinely to curb the  COVID-19, also known as the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) Virus, Lifesitenews reported. In an article titled "Review of emerging evidence demonstrating the efficacy of ivermectin in the prophylaxis ...

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