DC Comics announces next Superman star will be bisexual

U.S. 10/12/21, 14:46

DC Comics's timeless superhero Superman will have a romantic affair with another young man in the new 'Superman: The Son of Kal-El' television series. "The idea of replacing Clark Kent with another straight white savior felt like a missed opportunity," series creator Tom Taylor said according to The Hill. "[A] new ...

Bill Gates lobbies for passage of infrastructure bill by offering billion-dollar sum

U.S. 08/14/21, 17:36

Multibillionaire tycoon Bill Gates has offered to contribute an additional $1.5 billion if House lawmakers join Democrats in passing the infrastructure bill, CNBC reported. Bill Gates' investment fund will commit that billion-dollar figure to support climate projects—in conjunction with the federal government—for example, aimed at developing technologies that reduce carbon emissions. A ...

Ancient city in China hit by massive sandstorm

China 07/27/21, 03:35

On Sunday, July 25, just after 3 pm local time, a massive sandstorm approached a historic city in China's northwestern region, devouring its buildings and covering everything in dust. According to the regional meteorological department, a sandstorm of more than 100-meter height has swept across Dunhuang City in China's Gansu Province, ...

Greenland stopped oil exploration citing cost and climate concerns

America 07/17/21, 18:58

Greenland's government has decided to stop all oil exploration off the world's largest island, describing the decision as "a natural step" since the Arctic government "takes the climate crisis seriously."“The Greenlandic government believes that the price of oil extraction is too high. This is based upon economic calculations, but considerations ...

Scorching heatwave leads to rampaging wildfires in multiple Western states

U.S. 07/12/21, 05:31

As broiling heatwave hits the Western region of the United States and brings the temperature to a record high, many states are now struggling with wildfires. By Sunday, July 11, residents were instructed to evacuate and a major highway was temporarily closed due to the intensified blazes that firefighters struggled to ...

Biden is ‘finishing the job’ of my presidency says Barack Obama

Opinion 06/04/21, 00:30

A Democrat, who likes to reminisce about his time as president, revealed his former second-in-command is just doing unfinished business in the Oval Office. Barack Obama openly admitted President Joe Biden is using the Oval Office to grant his predecessor's wishes. "I think that what we are seeing now, is Joe and ...

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