Hillary Clinton may have been involved with Chinese military agencies since 2009

U.S. 12/30/20, 09:21

A government report revealed that during the Obama and Biden administration, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton met with "undercover intelligence gathering" agents of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).  One of the meetings with the Chinese Association for International Friendly Contact (CAIFC), composed of former senior military officers from China, took ...

House Republicans try to cripple the CCP military by further extending sanctions

U.S. 10/01/20, 15:22

Lawmakers in the U.S. Congressional Task Force on China announced further sanctions for companies working on orders from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) military. "We cannot allow the Chinese Communist Party's military aggression and ambitions to go unchecked on the world stage," said Rep. Michael McCaul (R-Tex.), the leading member ...

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