Selective Censorship: Twitter Ignores Chinese Communist party’s denial of forced labor

U.S. 01/15/21, 16:16

Twitter downplays Chinese Communist Party publications that deny the existence of forced labor in Xinjiang province. Amidst the controversial debate over content policies and widespread censorship, Twitter ignores publications that falsely reject the existence of forced labor on Uighur ethnic minorities, despite numerous reports denouncing this scourge. Hua Chuying, a spokesman for ...

Rockefellers funding Chinese Communist Party initiatives

U.S. 01/15/21, 15:24

A Rockefeller non-profit organization sends millions of dollars to entities linked with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), considering them the primary beneficiaries of their substantial contributions. The Rockefeller Brothers Fund (RBF), which in addition to financing environmental initiatives in China, reinforces projects of significant dimensions promoted by the CCP, revealed The ...

Another President Trump record: 50 million in slave labor goods seized

U.S. 12/30/20, 18:42

So far in 2020, U.S. Customs and Border Protection authorities have seized $50 million in goods made with slave labor, mainly from China and Malaysia, the Washington Examiner reported. Federal law prohibits importing goods extracted, manufactured, or produced, in part or in whole, by convict labor, forced child labor, and bonded ...

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