Truth about Beijing’s elimination of Africa debt revealed

Sri Lanka 09/20/22, 18:36

Not long ago, the actual situation of the Chinese regime's debt elimination for 23 loans from 17 African countries was revealed by research organizations. However, the total debt elimination is only about 1% of the total amount the Chinese regime lends to Africa. In recent years, more and more countries that ...

Sri Lanka’s potential default, incurring China’s ‘debt trap’

Economy 03/04/22, 12:12

In January 2021, Russia and Ukraine accounted for more than a quarter of Sri Lanka's tourism source markets. Russia was also the second-largest buyer of Sri Lanka's tea in January. Both countries had increasingly become an essential source of foreign currency for Sri Lanka. However, under frozen tourism and blocked ...

Huawei’s big project in Ukraine to be suspended amid Russia’s invasion

Insights 02/28/22, 15:35

China is Ukraine's largest trading partner. Experts say a prolonged Russia-Ukraine war could put billions of dollars in trade between China and Ukraine at risk. In addition, the business of Chinese telecom giant Huawei will also be affected. According to Voice of America on February 25, Dexter Roberts, former China bureau ...

New Caledonia rejecting independence from France a Chinese failure?

China 12/16/21, 18:23

According to an article by Journalist Phong Cao Pham on the BBC, the recent referendum in New Caledonia with 96.28% voting to stay with France could be considered a temporary defeat for China. According to Phong, last Sunday's referendum is not just this country's internal affair of whether to leave France ...

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