Beijing censorship targets Hong Kong’s film, television industries

World 08/24/21, 23:09

A new controversial bill will soon be debated in the Legislative Council of Hong Kong. It punishes anyone who shows films or television programs that encourage dissent. Broadcasters could be jailed for up to three years and fined $128,000, for publicly transmitting content that contradicts the Chinese Communist Party's (CCP's) so-called ...

Democrat Chicago Mayor Lightfoot stands by prioritizing non-white reporters

U.S. 07/27/21, 17:23

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot (D) makes no apology for speaking with non-white reporters to promote diversity in the Windy City. "I am unapologetic about it because it spurred a very important conversation, a conversation that needed to happen, that should have happened a long time ago," she said according to the ...

TikTok censors video of Cuban communist regime’s repression

Central America 07/15/21, 18:36

TikTok users denounced the social network for banning a video of people protesting against Cuba's communist government. The Chinese communist regime-controlled video sharing service allegedly suspended user Celine Fernandez for several days. Her only crime was sharing footage of political unrest in Cuba. "Tiktok suspended me from posting for two days …[and] ...

House GOP leader McCarthy proposes guidelines to fight Big Tech bias

Washington 06/28/21, 23:20

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) has revealed a new framework to help combat major technology companies that restrict freedom of speech and exhibit anti-competitive behavior. McCarthy is sick of "overwhelmingly liberal executives" at Big Tech companies limiting or preventing competition and silencing people for sharing conservative views. "Examples of conservative censorship ...

Twitter sued after losing legal immunity in India

U.S. 06/23/21, 01:30

A Californian social media giant will be directly liable for content posted to its online platform in India. Indian authorities have stripped Twitter Inc. of its legal intermediary status, which prevented the San Francisco-headquartered company from being sued for hosting certain third-party text, images, and videos. Uttar Pradesh Police accuses the business ...

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