French report reveals that the CCP uses Huawei to collect global data

World 10/13/21, 02:57

The French Ministry of Defense's Institute for Strategic Studies of the Military Academy (IRSEM) released a report titled "Influential Chinese Actions (CCP)." The lengthy report reveals Huawei's close relationship with the CCP, and the CCP's use of state-owned and private companies like Huawei to collect vast amounts of data globally. The ...

Europe scrutinizes China’s surveillance cameras over security risks

Europe 10/11/21, 17:28

China’s surveillance technology company Hikvision is facing fresh scrutiny in Europe, where its high-tech cameras are criticized for posing security risks. According to Politico, a security researcher has found a glitch in Hikvision's cameras that "permits an attacker to gain full control of the device," and concluded that the products had "the highest ...

CIA Announces New Task Force to Address Growing Threats from Chinese Regime

U.S. 10/07/21, 17:18

To address the threats posed by China, the CIA announced the launch of a new mission center, as it said the Chinese regime represents "the most significant geopolitical threat" to the United States. As reported by Fox News, William Burns, the director of the Central Intelligence Agency, announced the adjustments to the organizational ...

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