Texas cracks down on Big Tech censorship and overreach with new bill

U.S. 03/12/21, 06:45

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) intends to sign a bill prohibiting social media sites from censoring content posted by residents of the state. Abbott cautioned that social media platforms are violating the First Amendment after announcing that censorship would not be accepted in the Lone Star State. SB 12 was written ...

Florida governor takes on the fight against Big Tech censorship

U.S. 02/02/21, 17:44

The governor of Florida has joined the fight against Big Tech censorship. He has plans to introduce legislation to oppose control by the media giants who have restricted freedom of speech. Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has proposed a law to protect Floridians against such censorship of Republican candidates. He aimed the ...

President Trump campaign’s email server suspended

U.S. 01/09/21, 06:35

President Donald Trump on Friday, Jan. 8, experienced an onslaught of censorship from tech companies. His campaign is now no longer able to send out emails to his millions of subscribers. According to Nationalist Review, at least one of the mail services the Trump campaign used has blocked the team's access. ...

Sen. Ted Cruz warns technology companies face sanctions for censoring critical Biden stories

2020 Campaign 10/20/20, 16:10

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) told media on Monday, Oct. 19, that the social networking platforms Facebook and Twitter would face sanctions for "potentially serious campaign finance violations" by censoring negative stories against Democrats and allowing critical and biased coverage of Republicans. According to Cruz, "Giant multibillion dollar corporations are making multibillion-dollar ...

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