Putin favorably compares Biden to Soviet communist, says he wants to work with him

Europe 10/11/20, 05:41

Russian President Vladimir Putin favorably compared Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden and the party to Soviet communism in an interview with the Rossiya TV channel released on Wednesday, Oct. 7. "The Democratic Party is traditionally closer to the so-called liberal values, closer to social democratic ideas," Putin said, reported News Week. ...

Hannity says Biden should be disqualified from becoming president after “earth-shattering scandal” revealed by Senate report

2020 Campaign 09/24/20, 18:29

After the Senate Homeland Security and Finance committees released their new findings in a revealing report on Wednesday, Sept. 23, regarding Hunter Biden’s international financial ties, including links to the CCP, a widespread television coverage blackout has surrounded the shocking revelations. Most media have downplayed the report, with news outlets that ...

Susan Rice sells Netflix stock as Joe Biden’s 2020 VP pick draws closer

U.S. 08/08/20, 05:53

Susan Rice, a former national security adviser who is now a top contender to become presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden's running mate, sold shares in Netflix worth more than $300,000. According to an SEC filing late Thursday, Aug. 6, Rice, who has been on the Netflix board since 2018, sold ...

Biden tells reporters, ‘I didn’t know where we were’

2020 Campaign 07/29/20, 02:08

The presumptive Democratic nominee to run against President Trump in the November election has been conducting business from his basement for the past few months, presumably to avoid any contact with the CCP Virus that has created a pandemic. He was in Wilmington, Delaware, to give a speech on Tuesday, July ...

US Presidential Election 2020: How to interpret the polls

2020 Campaign 07/20/20, 16:31

Recent polls show President Donald Trump is outvoted by his opponent, Democratic candidate, and former Vice President Joe Biden in some respects. However, in a July 19, ABC News/Washington Post poll, 94 % of potential voters said they are excited to support him for re-election, while in Biden's case, 79 ...

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