Two months after leaving office, Donald Trump remains overwhelmingly popular among the Republican voters as 81% of them hold a favorable view of the former president and 88% said they approve of the job he did in the White House.

The charts below, taken from a new study conducted by the Republican polling firm Fabrizio and Lee, show the varying levels of intensity around Trump and whether he should lead the Republican Party going forward.

Overall, Trump enjoys a 4-to-1 positive image, with 81% of the GOP voters saying they have a favorable opinion of Trump.

Former President Trump’s Image (Fabrizio and Lee poll)

The pollster classifies the GOP voters into five distinct “tribes,” including Trump Boosters, Diehard Trumpers, Post-Trump GOP, Never Trump, and Infowars GOP, and describes them below:

Five tribes among the GOP voters (Fabrizio and Lee poll)

Except for Never Trumpers, the other four groups of Republicans strongly approve what Trump did as president.

Former President Trump’s Job Approval. (Fabrizio and Lee poll)

If the election was held today, Trump has no real rival within the Republican Party. He is dominating a GOP Primary, winning 51% of the vote, with no one else breaking double-digits, though Post-Trump GOP and Never Trump would not vote for him.

Presidential GOP Primary Ballot (Fabrizio and Lee poll)

A clear majority of Republicans (57%) say they would vote for Trump no matter what, with 27% unsure and 16% voting against him.

Former President Trump GOP Primary Re-Elect (Fabrizio and Lee poll)

Also, more than half of the GOP voters (57%) want Trump to continue leading the party, while 28% says he did a good job as president but say its time for new leaders, while 15% say he is bad for the party and the party should move on.

Former President Trump’s Role in GOP Future (Fabrizio and Lee poll)

In summary, the findings show that the former president “still wields tremendous influence over the party, yet it is not universal or homogenous.”

Fabrizio’s poll surveyed 1,264 GOP voters from Feb. 20 to March 2.

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