Following a National File announcement that Chase Bank had barred Covfefe Coffee from using their payment processor, sales for the company have increased by over 7,500%.

Chase Bank had barred Covfefe Coffee, a pro-Trump coffee company established in 2018, from using their WePay payment processor, National File announced at the beginning of February.

The America First company had been using Chase’s payment processor for “one or more of the activities prohibited by their Terms of Service,” according to Chase. The National File enquired as to what Covfefe Coffee had done to warrant this decision, but got no response.

Covfefe Coffee’s representative told National File at the time that they thought Chase Bank had canceled their account for political reasons; Chase went after them because they supported Trump.

The spokesman said, “The social credit system that is talked about in China, which conservatives say one day it’s coming here, no.”

“We already have it,” the spokesman added.

Chase Bank’s action against the independent coffee company angered conservatives. Covfefe Coffee sales soared by more than 7,500% with the company saying thanks to the help of great Americans. They did as much business in February as they did in their entire first year of service, following National File’s survey.

A spokesman for the company thanked those who helped them through these difficult times, especially those who expressed their vision of declaring freedom from our corporate overlords and beginning to build their own economy independent of leftists.

“These are the people that show up at Trump rallies, these are the people who would have laid their life on the line during the Revolution, this is the embodiment of the American Spirit. We’re David versus Goliath, and we’ll never accept defeat,” the spokesman declared.

In reality, their development was so rapid that the help they got broke almost every structure they had in place, resulting in a slew of new growing pains.

“It’s not easy doing this kind of business after we’ve been canceled by one of the biggest banks in America. We thank everyone for their patience, their flexibility, and their support, and we’re going to fight these growing pains and keep growing with your support and scale until we’re bigger than Starbucks. Please forgive us for not having the manpower of Jeff Bezos and Amazon, but know that we’re a small team of patriotic Trump supporters doing our best to compete with the corporations who hate all conservatives,” the spokesman added.

In keeping with their community-minded rhetoric, the spokesperson added that Covfefe will “pay forward” conservatives’ generosity by contributing a significant amount to Matt Braynard’s Look Ahead America, which is facing legal action for its reporting on Dominion Voting Systems, as well as a donation to Christopher Rufo, who is currently exposing corporate America’s anti-white bigotry.

“Fear God, not Chase Bank,” the spokesman concluded.