Hong Kong pro-democracy protest leader Joshua Wong, already serving more than a year in prison because of his anti-communist ideals, received another four-month sentence Tuesday for wearing a mask in public during the last protest he was able to participate in. 

Months later, Hong Kong made it mandatory to wear masks as a tool to combat CCP Virus infections.

When the CCP Virus pandemic began, Hong Kong, like many other countries, forced its inhabitants to wear masks to curb its spread. This contradicted regulations imposed a few months earlier, which prohibited the wearing of face masks so that the police could easily identify demonstrators protesting against the dictatorial communist regime. 

Wong, 24, was one of the most prominent leaders of the protest movement that erupted in 2019 in favor of democracy and independence from the Chinese communist regime that does not slow down in its eagerness to limit the Hong Kong people’s freedoms.

 Under the “One Country, Two Systems” policy that governed Hong Kong between its return to China in 1997 and 2020, imposing Beijing’s laws on the city was illegal; Protesters, including Wong, complained that the extradition law was a “loophole” to skirt the policy.

In 2020, Beijing passed the “National Security” Law, which completely eroded the commitments made under the “One Country, Two Systems” concept.

As Breitbart reported, Wong has not yet faced charges under the “national security” law, but he was arrested in September 2020, when masks were already mandatory, for wearing a mask during a protest the previous year. In December, a Hong Kong court sentenced him to more than a year in prison for organizing an “illegal assembly,” Hong Kong’s Apple Daily reported.

And to everyone’s surprise, on Tuesday, that sentence was extended for an additional four months for violating the law against wearing masks in public.

In parallel, defense lawyers argued that Wong never disguised his identity, claiming that it would be pointless to do so given his high profile. He wore a mask only for a few minutes during statements to the press with the sole intention of demonstrating against the law. At no time were police officers unable to identify him, the lawyers said.

The court similarly sentenced well-known anti-communist dissident Koo Sze Yiu, 74, to five months in prison for the same transgressions. Koo already had ten criminal convictions to his name before this latest conviction.

Koo said he would continue his resistance against the Chinese Communist Party after completing his sentence.

“This will not be my last time in jail, there will be a twelfth, thirteenth time, I might even intentionally violate the national security law next time,” Koo said at sentencing.

A statement from Wong is expected after his sentencing. It is likely that, with the international community’s support, he will continue his legal fight against the outrages of the communist regime, both against him and for the rest of the Hong Kong people.