A controversial former Democratic president’s strange behavior is in question after images were released, showing him receiving services from a woman employed by an accused sex trafficker.

Bill Clinton is once again in trouble for his extramarital interactions with women. Private photos show the former president receiving a neck massage by then-trainee massage therapist Chauntae Davies in 2002.

The 22-year-old woman said she provided the service under the supervision of the late Jeffrey Epstein and his accused accomplice Ghislaine Maxwell during a refueling stop in Portugal.

Both Epstein and Clinton were en route on a so-called humanitarian trip to Africa traveling in the infamous “Lolita Express” private Boeing 727 jet. Epstein allegedly used the plane to transport underage girls to perform adult services in both New York City and Palm Beach, Florida.

The images show the Democrat sitting in an airport waiting area while Davies smiles, leans toward him, and works on his neck and shoulders. Another photo shows Clinton smiling with his arm around Davies, who also appears to be enjoying herself. They seem to be in a night entertainment venue.

Davies explained the former president appeared to want a massage since he kept complaining about feeling stiff from falling asleep in his chair on the jet, so Maxwell thought it would be funny to offer Davies’s services.

Everyone within earshot in the airport terminal laughed. After Maxwell insisted that Davies was very talented, Clinton finally accepted the offer to “rub out the kink” in his neck and shoulder.

“Would you mind giving it a crack?” he said, according to the Daily Mail.

Davies played along and asked if Clinton would mind “getting on your knees” because she had a “bad angle.”

“I am not at all sure what came over me,” she said, according to the New York Post. “I was groggy and have also always been the queen of putting my foot in my mouth. For a moment the room fell silent, I could not believe I had said that—the words just shot out before I realized what I was saying or who I said it to.”

Clinton, who was 56 at the time, appeared to like the young woman’s sense of adventure even though his face turned the “color of fire.”

“He laughed, the whole room was laughing too, and, being the good sport he was, he sat down so I could get a better angle,” she said, according to the Post.