A major political conference will be relocated to another state after North Carolina gave no assurance the event would be allowed to proceed, the president said.

President Donald Trump has accused Democratic Gov. Roy Cooper of failing to provide certainty that the 2020 Republican National Convention (RNC) could be held on Aug. 24 to 27.

“[I] had long planned to have the RNC in Charlotte, N.C., a place I love [but] now North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper and his representatives refuse to guarantee that we can have use of the Spectrum Arena,” he said on Twitter.

The president revealed Cooper originally promised to allow the event to proceed but later changed his mind, putting organizers into a difficult position where they would need to invest significant time and money in preparing for an event that may not go ahead.

“Spend millions of dollars, have everybody arrive, and then tell them they will not be able to gain entry,” he said on Twitter. “Gov. Cooper is still in shelter-in-place mode and not allowing us to occupy the arena, as originally anticipated and promised.”

The governor did not cite party politics as a reason for the sudden change of heart and maintained it was due to strict social distancing measures to help contain the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) Virus.

“We have been committed to a safe RNC convention in North Carolina and it is unfortunate they never agreed to scale down and make changes to keep people safe,” he said on Twitter. “Protecting public health and safety during this pandemic is a priority.”

However, the president believes Cooper’s backflip on the RNC will cost the Old North State significant business and employment opportunities.

“[The event] would have showcased beautiful North Carolina to the world, and brought in hundreds of millions of dollars, and jobs for the state,” he said on Twitter. “Because of the North Carolina governor, we are now forced to seek another state to host the 2020 RNC.”

The remarks came just days after The New York Times incorrectly speculated the convention would need to be held at the president’s Trump National Doral Miami Resort in southern Florida.

However, this option would not be feasible at all as the property is unsuitable for a large scale event, which could attract as many as 2,550 delegates from across the nation.

“I have zero interest in moving the RNC to Doral in Miami, as falsely reported by the ‘fake news’ New York Times in order to stir up trouble,” he said on Twitter. “[The] ballroom is not nearly big enough and [I] would like to stay in N.C., whose governor does not even know if he can let people in.”

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