Thomas Douglas Homan, a former U.S. law enforcement official and former Trump administration official, published an article on Fox News on Friday, March 5, where he expressed his concern about the chaos being experienced at the southern border as a result of the Biden administration’s new immigration policies, which are attracting tens of thousands of Latin American migrants seeking to enter the country.

During the Trump administration, a huge effort was made and concrete policies were implemented to solve the historic problem of illegal immigration. So much so that during 2019 and 2020 illegal crossings at the southern border were at historic lows.

But unfortunately, in just over 40 days the Biden administration has taken almost all of these accomplishments and thrown them away, critics claim. Among them is Homan, who is considered an authoritative voice because he knows the issues from the inside, having spent 35 years enforcing immigration law as a Border Patrol agent, special agent, and acting director of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

Biden has left the southern border in chaos

The legal tools and programs that made the border the most secure were systematically destroyed by President Biden and his administration in an effort to appease the progressive left and their open borders ideals, Homan asserts.

Homan, warns that there are currently more than 4,000 apprehensions daily and between 700 and 1,000 additional “escapes,” as reported by the Border Patrol, which brought the area into chaos.

“When Jeh Johnson was Homeland Security secretary under President Obama, he made the statement that 1,000 arrests a day along the border is a bad day. Well, we are at four times that number right now and will soon be at least five times that when Title 42 ends and probably much worse,” wrote Homan in an opinion piece for Fox News.  

In July 2020, Homan had already written an op-ed for Fox News where he predicted that if Biden became president control of the southern border would be lost. At the time, the legacy media dismissed such reporting as scare tactics to get Trump re-elected. However, less than a year later, it is impossible not to agree.

An out-of-control-border

An email that was written by Tim Perry, ICE chief of staff, to the agency’s leadership was leaked on Feb. 12 and Homan had access to it. As reported by the former official, the email talks about the current ICE leadership actively preparing for an out-of-control situation at the border.

In addition, there are instructions to the leadership to spend as much money as necessary to transport illegal crossers into the United States interior and release them “as soon as possible.”  

“Yes, this email is about processing people as quickly as possible and sending them into the interior of the United States,” Homan said.

New immigration policies inspire illegals   

In this situation, illegal aliens will continue to expose themselves to the danger of getting to the U.S. border and then trying to cross it, because they know that if they violate local laws and hide long enough, they will be rewarded with the new immigration policies.   

They are already aware that the Biden administration does not enforce immigration laws and that ICE has been ordered not to arrest those who are only here illegally. They are also aware that they can work here in the U.S. illegally because ICE can no longer conduct workplace investigations. All of this adds up to a real problem that threatens national security.