The vaccine market is dissatisfied with its progress in compelling all men, women, and children to participate in spike protein trials. Animals, such as cats, dogs, minks, and other pets, are increasingly being targeted by big pharma and its allies.

After dealing with the human population, the UK Labour Party is pushing health officials to authorize vaccinations for dogs. “Covid possibly started in bats. The priority is to vaccinate humans, but a year or so down the line we have to look at animal vaccines,” as reported by DavidIcke.

The Scientific Advisory Group is recommending new viral engineering studies to modify spike proteins for usage in animals for Emergencies (SAGE), which has been assisting the UK government during the epidemic. Prof Deenan Pillay, a SAGE virologist, stated, “It may be the current vaccines would need a tweak for nonhuman species.”

To add to the farce, the British Veterinary Association (BVA) claims that the “deadly virus” attaches itself to pet fur. Thus pet owners should be concerned about their furry companions. Furthermore, the BBC reports on “studies” that show COVID is frequent among cats and dogs whose owners are infected with the virus.

Swabs were obtained from 310 pets in 196 households, with the findings indicating that six cats and seven dogs had a positive PCR test, and 54 animals had viral antibodies.

Of course, the study relied on a completely trustworthy PCR test that isn’t notorious for producing false positives. Kary Mullis, the developer o the PCR test, has even said that the test has been exploited to create the “illusion of a pandemic” because it is not a valid viral test.