British writer Christopher Knight published the book “Who Built the Moon?” with Alan Butler. In this book, Knight and Butler pose some intriguing and challenging questions: Is the moon man-made? Can it even be empty? And does the moon exist through some accident, or is it an obvious blueprint? If so, who is the architect?

Christopher Knight is known to readers from his first book, The Hiram Key, co-authored with Robert Lomas and published in 1996.

The Hiram Key quickly became a bestseller and is considered a classic in the field of alternative history, continuing to influence a generation of researchers, including Dan Brown of Cryptography Da Vinci.

Over the past ten years, Knight has written six books, four with Robert Lomas and two with Alan Butler.

In a conversation between New Dawn and Christopher Knight about the book “Who Built the Moon?”. Knight had a lot to share.

A fascinating conclusion about the origin of the moon

Christopher Knight says the moon is very close to Earth, but many consider it to be the strangest object in the known universe.

The moon does not have a solid core like all other planetary bodies. It is hollow or has a very low internal density. Curiously, its concentrated mass is located in a series of points just below its surface—which caused havoc with early lunar spacecraft.

The material that made up the moon came from the Earth’s surface and left behind a shallow hole filled with water that we now call the Pacific Ocean. This rock left Earth to create the moon quickly after our planet formed about 4.6 billion years ago.

The moon isn’t just odd in its composition; it also works in an equally magical way. It is four hundred times smaller than the Sun but four hundred times closer to the Earth, so both the Sun and the moon are about the same size in the sky—this gives us what we call a lunar eclipse totality.

While we take this for granted, it’s been called the most extraordinary coincidence in the universe. Furthermore, the moon mirrors the Sun’s motion in the sky by rising and setting at the same point on the horizon as the Sun at opposite poles.

What prompted Knight to write “Who Built the Moon?”

All six books Knight has published in the past ten years are part of an ongoing study. “Who Built the Moon” was written after Civilization One was completed, and Knight and Alan Butler did extensive research on the moon.

They have discovered that the incredibly advanced measurement system used more than 5,000 years ago is based on the Earth’s mass, size, and motion. They were also surprised that the measuring system worked perfectly for every aspect of the moon but did not apply to any other known celestial body—except the Sun.

It is almost as though a” blueprint” where the moon has been ‘manufactured’ using precise units taken from the Earth’s relationship with the Sun. The more they looked, the more they realized everything fitted perfectly, says Knight.

What was the ancient system of geometry and measurement used in the active Stone Age of the Moon?

Knight and Alan drew their inspiration from the work of Alexander Thom, a distinguished professor of engineering from the University of Oxford. Thom identified the existence of the Megalithic Yard—a precise unit of measurement and the basis of Stone Age structures throughout Western Europe.

Where the ancients acquired such knowledge is difficult to understand. All we can be sure of is that they were ahead of us today! It’s easy to check by anyone with a computer.

The moon is not a natural object

Knight says that the moon is more than just an object. It also has many benefits for us humans. It’s like an incubator for life.

If the moon hadn’t been the exact same size, mass, and distance at each stage of Earth’s evolution—there would be no intelligent life here.

It acts as a stabilizer that holds our planet at the right angle to create the seasons and keeps the water liquid on most of the planet. Without our moon, the Earth would be as dead and solid as Venus.

If the moon is a man-made structure, who or what built it?

Knight explained that his team could come to no other conclusion than that the moon is man-made. Another factor is the obvious message that has been built into the moon to let us know it is manufactured.

The language of the message is base-ten arithmetic, so it seems to be pointing to a ten-digit species living on Earth right now—which would be the humans.

The moon was created to give birth to all life, especially humans. As to who did it, they offered three possibilities: God, aliens—or humans.

It is scientifically possible that humans have time-traveled, sending some scientists and matter back in time—possibly using small black hole technology.

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