A group of female soccer players has shown us that there’s more to the sport than just the game. Being a good sport, team player, and showing respect and empathy for others can mean so much more.

During a WAFF Women’s Club Championship match between Arab Orthodox Club and Shabab al Ordon Club that took place last October in Jordan, a Muslim player from the Amman Club found her hijab slipping off her head.

For a hijabi woman to be seen in public without that covering is to feel inappropriately exposed.

As the player knelt on the ground to readjust her hijab, members on the opposing team, the Shabab Al Urdon Club — who didn’t wear hijab, immediately ran to form a tight circle around her, holding it for nearly 30 seconds while she put everything back into place.

A video from the game was shared online and has quickly gone viral, with people online pointing out that the display of sportsmanship crosses through both sports and religion.

ESPN tweeted “bigger than sports.”

It was a spontaneous act, clearly born of understanding, respect, and empathy.

Author Glennon Doyle, shared the video on Instagram along with a caption, read: “This is our mood today. When one of us needs us: We stop. We huddle up. We protect each other.”


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