For those who don’t have space or can’t afford to buy a large greenhouse, a one-dollar greenhouse from a transparent umbrella is really a great thing.

This is due to the popular belief that greenhouses are costly and hard to create. Another myth is that greenhouses only suit vast gardens.

All you have to do is head to a nearby dollar store. You may find these useful things in various markets, but a dollar is probably to be the best deal.

Plants benefit from greenhouses because they help to maintain a stable growth environment. You can have lush green plants almost all year by protecting them from severe cold, excessive heat, inclement weather, and even animals like bugs or birds. Starting in early February, these mini-greenhouses assist in maintaining the temperature and humidity required for seed germination.

Even in winter, this handmade greenhouse concept is applicable. Low temperatures are not ideal for many plants, but thankfully, these transparent umbrellas are on hand to help. They work well to protect flowers and plants from the elements.

This concept is not only successful but also adaptable to various climates.

The best part, aside from the price, is how simple it is to set up.
Open the packets and plant the seeds in the pot, crate, or whatever you’re using to house your plants. Place the translucent umbrella upright over the plants.

Also, don’t worry about the air circulation inside because there will be lots of room. There are no circumstances under which you can suffocate your favorite plants.

This cutting-edge plant-protection approach is not only inexpensive but is also successful from every angle.

Three terms best describe this DIY greenhouse: brilliant, low prices, and efficient. This concept would undoubtedly result in more attractive backyards and better-protected plants.

Here are some things to keep in mind when making or purchasing mini-greenhouses:

You won’t need one with ventilation or with plastic or rust-resistant parts, but they are best if you can find them. Those that resemble umbrellas having the same metal latching mechanism as an umbrella will rust and become useless in no time. Or buy a clear umbrella—they are cheap and nasty, but for such a low price, it will pay for itself in no time.

The best greenhouses have a center stake (over the ones with pegs to hold down the edges). You’ll raise the umbrella regularly to drink, check on the plants, and let them breathe. If you have to search for and re-insert the pegs per time, this will be inconvenient. When not being used, the best greenhouses can be folded up for storage.