Gabrielle Wilfong captured the happy moment when she started to dance after finishing her last chemotherapy treatment on the video to Instagram. Her family hopes this is the last treatment. 

According to FOX19 NOW, eight months ago, Gabrielle was diagnosed with stage-4 brain cancer when she was just 16. She began her battle at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center before moving to West Chester Hospital.

Through the scans, she said that her brain tumors have shrunken to the point that they are almost gone. Her next scan is at the beginning of March and will show whether she’s finished battling her disease.

Nothing if not positive, after her battle, the scans and treatments are not what she wants to focus on. The 16-year-old optimistic girl conveys an inner strength that she said she gets from her family, her faith, and lots of her followers on her Instagram account.

“I think it’s because of how I am,” Gabrielle said to FOX19 NOW. “Like, my personality. I’m just a natural funny girl, you know?”

Although the diagnosis made her feel unwell, she still has the optimistic belief that everything happens for a reason.

“Before, I was kinda going down the wrong path,” she said. “But this woke me up. Like, you only live one life. Go do it right.”

Based on Gabrielle’s mother, Shena tells FOX19 NOW about her daughter, she is an aspiration. 

“I’m very proud of her,” Shena said. “I mean, she is stronger than I am.”

After all of the most difficult times in her life, now Gabrielle wants to share her positivity around the world, especially to those who are now locked in their own cancer battles.

“Don’t give up,” she said. “Believe in yourself.”