What if you were told that in your mind there exists a vast realm of original thoughts and expressions but you never knew about it, to begin with? And that the reason you don’t know this dimension to your identity is something imposed on your livelihood exploiting your basic need for water.

And no this vast space of original thoughts and expression isn’t the afterlife, actually, I’m referring to your pineal gland. Scientists know it to be a pea-shaped endocrine gland responsible for regulating our circadian rhythm and reproductive hormones. Read this previous article if you haven’t: THE PINEAL GLAND OR ‘THE THIRD EYE’.

However, the spiritual community, religions and ancient cultures believe the pineal gland to be man’s third eye -the connecting link between the material and spiritual. It is located between our two eyebrows and up a bit, the existence of this ‘inner-eye’ at the center of the human brain has also been confirmed by science.

In spiritual terms, the opening of one’s third eye signifies the awakening to the spirit and the start of the journey to enlightenment (in the Buddhist sense), or a journey to return one’s true self (in the Christian sense).

Essentially, these concepts bespeak of our innate potential as human beings to rise above mundane survival-focused proclivities, to look at things in the light of a more expansive perspective, and through this new lens, find true fulfillment in life.

We all have the right to question where do we belong in the grand scheme of things (Xiaodian Chen/Chinese Academy of Sciences via AP)

But unfortunately, whether these ‘spiritual’ things are real or not, such dialects are often altogether dismissed as they are outright rejected by mainstream society due to the rigid confines of our empirical science. But there’s really no one to blame for this if this potential is realized individually, then recounts of supernatural experiences could only exist in fragments washed away in the cybernetic flow characterized by mindless enticements. This article hopes to be the former.

It is no surprise that when some people read these kinds of text they feel revivified, like a dormant part of their brain coming to life, things…click. Others are less inclined to accept, thinking it’s all a hoax -everyone’s pineal gland is calcified to differing degrees, we all believe to differing degrees.

On the matter of the pineal gland calcification, in the 1990s, British scientist, Jennifer Luke discovered a high concentration of fluoride in the pineal gland of her subjects. Fluoride, commonly found in most municipal water as well as pesticides. It is found to be a substance accumulates in the pineal more than any other part of the body. This accumulation of fluoride forms phosphate crystals, creating a hard shell around the pineal called calcification.

60+ years of fluoridated water, is there any real benefits?

This form of involuntary medication of a deemed toxic substance should be subjected to mass consensus, yet it is not with objections often being suppressed. Why?

After researching both sides of the dialect -the ‘prevent tooth decay’ side and the ‘spiritual third eye’ side- there are a few points to consider:

  • There is no correlation whatsoever between oral consumption of fluoride and the prevention of tooth decay.
  • The National Institute of Dental Research (NIDR) survey data concludes that children drinking fluoridated water have tooth decay rates nearly identical to those living in non-fluoridated areas.
  • Fluoride advocates often point out that tooth decay rates have declined in the fluoridated countries like the US, New Zealand and Australia since introduction also fail to mention that non-fluoridated countries like Japan, Belgium or Italy have also seen the same rate of tooth decay decline. This data from the World Health Organisation shows that factors other than fluoridated water have contributed to the global decline of tooth decay.
  • Furthermore, over 30 studies have linked fluoride consumption to childhood reduced IQ:

A 2018 study in Occupational & Environment Medicine found that for every increase of 1mp/liter of fluoride in a pregnant woman’s urine, their child averages 2.4 points lower IQ at ages 1-3.

  • Animal studies show other neurological effects such as impaired memory, reduced the ability to learn, and mild brain damage.

However, -after all these substantial studies have been brought to light- despite its negative effects and lack of benefits, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has consecutively dismissed petitions and lawsuits to ban this substance under the Toxic Substances Control Act.

If we want to break free from the restraint of a calcified pineal gland, we must decalcify (more on this in a future article).

Meditation and yoga are effective methods to decalcify the pineal gland. (The Epoch Times)

Regardless of whether we have an innate spiritual potential or its all a hoax, we should have the breadth of mind to take these things into consideration for ourselves. This article invokes the right of adult sovereignty over consciousness, we can forget freedom of speech when we do not even have the freedom to think.


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