Recently, a commune secretary in Shihezi city, Xinjiang said, “You will test ‘positive’ or ‘negative’ if I say so,” which has attracted public attention and discussion.

According to Vision Times, residents in a specific area of Shihezi city did not pay the going rate of 4 yuan/1 kg (56 cent kilo) for vegetables, so they went outside the area and paid 2 yuan/1 kg (28 cents a kilo), and were caught by the commune secretary. He told the vegetables vendors to move into the area to sell vegetables at the higher price. Then the secretary told the residents, “If you want to buy vegetables, you need to buy them for the 4 yuan price.” But the residents said they couldn’t accept that and the two sides argued.

The commune secretary then threatened them, “Do you believe that you will test positive or negative if I say so?”

The Chinese netizens had heated comments. Vision Times quoted some netizens who left messages. There are some important points to pay attention to.

1. Just one gate away, why has the price of vegetables doubled?

2. If what the commune secretary said is true, does the commune secretary have the power or authority to change the public’s nucleic acid test reports? What’s behind his comment?

3. The pandemic control in Xinjiang is currently very difficult. Is it because there are more officials and grassroots leaders who are extremely irresponsible, so the prevention work is difficult?

A netizen also pointed out, “This is no exception”, “(Officials) are rotten to the bone.”

In August, after the pandemic outbreak in Xinjiang, the government locked down the area on the pretext of preventing the pandemic. In the past 3 months, the area has often been subject to scandals. For example, in Urumqi, it was recently reported that there was a sale of “Xinjiang enter-exit permits.” A person claiming to have government protection openly advertised the sale of the permits during the lockdown.

In Xinjiang at least 12 netizens arrested for calling for help

Recently, the pandemic situation in various parts of China has continued to heat up. Many residents called the mayor’s hotline to complain and ask for help but to no avail. They then chose to ask for help on the internet, but officials used the pretext of spreading rumors related to the pandemic and disrupting public order to arrest them. Among them, from Urumqi alone, at least 12 people were arrested in the past 20 days.

Among them is a 68-year-old woman from Yining City. Authorities accused her of using news transmission tools to spread rumors, disrupt public order, and have a negative impact on society.

Earlier, RFA reported, at the end of September that in the city of Yining, north of Xinjiang, at least 22 people died of starvation or did not receive medical care in one day.

Vision Times quoted a concerned Xinjiang netizen, “My hometown is in the leading city of the northwest region, which has been locked down for more than 100 days. I won’t say my name, I will be arrested if I do. America previously said that we have no human rights here, we rejected them with strong words. Now, I am ashamed to say that I was wrong.”

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