On September 27, Tianjin city in northern China added 55 new local COVID confirmed cases. There are also 252 cases reported in a home square in Tianjin. On September 29, the whole city was undergoing mass testing.

On September 29, Tianjin Meijiang Lighting City’s owner told the Chinese news outlet Da Ji Yuan that the entire local lighting city was shut down. Starting September 14, people in the area have been required to start home quarantine. Up to now, the announcement for the opening remains unknown, and they have to wait. 

On September 29, residents of Binhai New Area told a news outlet that they had been under static management for some days without being aware of the specific time when “static management” would end.

In this regard, the Tianjin Internet Illegal and Bad Information Reporting Center’s official Weibo issued a notice on September 28. Accordingly, this center refuted the news such as “all Tianjin will be silent for three days starting from October 1”, “Tianjin is not allowed to enter or go out,” etc. It added that after verification, this information is only a rumor.

The topic “It is rumored that Tianjin will be closed for three days from October 1” became the hot search list on Weibo.

Netizens then left messages after the rumors were refuted: 

“There is no problem refuting the rumors, but I’m afraid that the rumors will be slapped in the face before 48. It just happened in Chengdu not long ago.​” 

“There is no credibility now, referring to Shanghai, most of the rumors have been confirmed to be true.” 

“Look at Chengdu, the people of Tianjin should know that, right?”

According to Chinese media, Xin Tang Ren, on August 29, a netizen with the nickname ‘Tropical Rainforest’ revealed in a group chat that Chengdu, Sichuan, was about to be put under lockdown.

Right after the rumor broke out, a large number of people rushed to supermarkets to stock up on food and supplies.

On the evening of August 30, ‘Tropical Rainforest’ was detained for being a troublemaker. 

Unexpectedly, on September 1, the Chengdu authorities ordered citizens to stay home. The so-called ‘rumors’ then came true.

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