On October 31, the CEO of Sina Weibo, Wang Gaofei, commented on how the world’s richest person Elon Musk recently acquired Twitter and plans to cancel its policy of “permanently banning users” and compared it with Weibo’s policy of banning users. As a result, the Weibo comment area was out of control, and netizens criticized Wang.

The Washington Post previously quoted people familiar with the matter confirming that the world’s richest man, Elon Musk, completed a $44 billion acquisition of Twitter on October 27 and immediately fired several senior Twitter executives, including CEO Parag Agrawal, Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Ned Segal and head of legal Vijaya Gadde.

After completing the Twitter acquisition, Musk also posted on Twitter that “the bird is free.” Because in addition to his “major change” to the company’s top management, the source indicated that Musk also intends to lift the permanent ban on users because he disagrees with how it’s done.

Regarding this, Wang Gaofei commented on his Weibo account called “Come and Go” that: “This is reasonable, the penalty limit of the platform must not exceed the provisions of the law, and the (permanent) penalty limit in Weibo’s community convention is also prohibited. Accounts will only be prohibited to the extent permitted by national law. Twitter has overdone it before—Twitter has gone too far in the past.”

Regarding the statement of Wang Gaofei, Weibo netizens joined together to oppose Weibo’s censorship of posts and criticized Weibo for banning accounts for a long time with ambiguous “national legal regulations.”

Netizens have complained a lot, with Vision Times citing some as follows:

“Can Weibo comply with the law here;”

“Give me back my account;” 

“Wang Gaofei, you are so cheap;” 

“How dare you say that;”

“Strange! Weibo CEO condemns Twitter for being too strict!.”

The Weibo administrator has deleted all discussions related to the above issue.

Sina Weibo is a social media website belonging to the Sina group of companies, providing microblogs. Users can post updates through websites and mobile apps and upload images and videos or videos directly. It has now been officially built into China’s version of Twitter by the CCP, allowing it to filter or block events or words that the government deems sensitive.

For example, all of the following were restricted or blocked on Weibo.

The event when the people of Guangzhou united in demanding the use of Cantonese in July 2010;

The incident of Bo Xilai, a member of the Political Bureau of the CCP Central Committee, and former Chongqing police chief Wang Lijun in March 2012;

The sexual harassment case that shocked China by the former host of CCTV’s top entertainment program, Zhu Jun;

WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, in May 2022, commented that the CCP’s “zero-COVID” policy is unsustainable;

Canadian and U.S. embassy officials in China in September 2022 shared a post about the United Nations report on human rights in Xinjiang;

Former CCP leader Hu Jintao was “escorted” from the hall of the 20th Congress.

Since October 2008, he has been the Vice President of Sina.

In May 2013, Wang served as Sina’s senior vice president; in February 2014, he held the position of CEO of Weibo; and is currently the CEO of Sina Weibo. Wang has two accounts on Sina Weibo. One is “Come and Go,” and the other is a real name account, “Wang Gaofei.”

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