10-meter high waves and more than 20 missing from storm Chaba in Hong Kong

According to authorities, on July 2, the Chinese overseas media outlet Da Yi Yuan reported that an engineering vessel with 30 people on board near Hong Kong waters was broken into two, and 27 sailors were missing as tropical storm Chaba crossed the border.

Authorities said that three people had been rescued and taken to hospital. The Hong Kong Government Flying Service noted that search and rescue operations for the rest of the crew continue about 300 km (200 miles) southwest of the city.

A video from Hong Kong authorities showed a person being airlifted onto a helicopter. The wrecked vessel was half-submerged, letting the waves beat on the deck.

The Hong Kong Government Flying Service said 30 crew members had to abandon the ship. Authorities said the waves were 10 meters high.

Rescuers in Hong Kong said they found the boat near the center of Typhoon Siamba, and harsh weather conditions hindered rescue efforts. 

The Chaba typhoon hit the global financial hub with strong winds and rain, restricting public transportation and forcing many businesses to close.

Hong Kong weather forecasters reduced the storm warning to signal No. 3 on Saturday afternoon, June 2, as typhoon Siamba was about to land near Zhanjiang in China’s Guangdong province.

Hong Kong authorities issued the typhoon warning on Thursday, June 30, just as Chinese President Xi Jinping arrived in the city to mark the 25th anniversary of Britain’s handover to China.

The Hong Kong Palace Museum, scheduled to open Saturday as part of the 25th-anniversary event of Hong Kong’s handover to Chinese rule, remained closed due to the storm.

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