October 1 was Chinese National Day. Early that morning, more than 200,000 people flocked to Tiananmen Square to watch the “flag raising ceremony.” According to Sound Of Hope, netizens mocked: Doing this before the 20th National Congress, to create some kind of pandemic outbreak, is this not causing more trouble for Xi Jinping?

According to Sohu, on October 1, 218,000 people attended the flag raising ceremony in Tiananmen Square. According to the report, at around 3 a.m., there was already a long line at the entrance to the square.

Twitter account Xiao Ming posted a video and said, “In the early morning of October 1, 218,000 people in Chang’an Avenue, Beijing waited for the national flag to be raised in Tiananmen Square, the general scene was crowded to death.”

A video posted by the Twitter account Right Way shows that on October 1, before dawn, tens of thousands of people began to wait in line on Chang’an Street. The street was packed, the crowd did not ensure a safe distance according to the regulations on COVID-19 prevention. Many people wore masks, but many did not. The Right Way account also posted a status line that said, “On September 30, many people flocked to Tiananmen Square, Beijing, and all took the position to watch the CCP bandits raise the flag on the morning of October 1st! Today it is called ‘to love the Party’, tomorrow the CCP will give you a yellow code and a red code, and you will be put in quarantine.”

Another video shows that after the crowd entered Tiananmen Square, due to its large number, no one could get close to the flag raising point, nor leave the square. A man filming the video said, “What a dilemma!”

According to China News, between midnight on September 30 and 3:00 pm on October 1, Beijing had one new COVID-19 case.

Also according to the report, from midnight on September 29 to 0:00 to midnight on September 30, there were one new locally confirmed case and one asymptomatic case.The 20th National Congress of the CCP is approaching, and the regime is now tightly controlling Beijing to ensure that there are no incidents. According to Radio Free Asia (RFA), Beijing police are fully investigating rental houses and migrants; human rights activists and dissidents in Beijing were even monitored around the clock, and some are being forced to leave Beijing by before October 8.

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