Hundreds of netizens complained about the misery of daily COVID tests in China after a U.S. senior diplomat posted a photo of himself lining up on a Shanghai street for testing.

On September 1, U.S. Ambassador to China Nicolas Burns shared a photo on Twitter with the caption, “Lining up for the regular Covid test in Shanghai.”

The photo showed the ambassador standing in a line, waiting for a COVID swab test.

His tweet drew a lot of attention worldwide.

A netizen commented that none of the top Chinese officials have ever lined up with their people for a COVID test.

Another introduced self-service robot COVID test booths in Shanghai for the ambassador, suggesting he should try the service.

A commentator questioned why people in China had to cooperate with the stupid behavior.

The COVID pandemic continues to rage around the world, but most countries have already learned to coexist with the virus. However, the Chinese regime still insists on its “zero-COVID” policy.

One comment was from Shanghai Daily. This state-owned news outlet told Burns to remember to test twice within three days upon his arrival in Shanghai.

The outlet boasted that there are more than 10,000 PCR test sites across Shanghai, and regular screening effectively detects infections and prevents contagion.

Burns diplomatically replied that he had tested twice in Shanghai in the previous two days and was happy to do his part.

But Chinese netizens fired back at Shanghai Daily, criticizing its comment as “A laughing stock of the world,” or “Disgraceful! How dare you show off this shame here?”

Many others replied to Shanghai Daily, expressing dissatisfaction with China’s COVID control measures.

One wrote: “So proud of those 10,000 PCR tests! State of the art. What an amazing country China is.”

Another echoed: “10,000 PCR test sites! What an accomplishment!”

One commented: “Ridiculous policy!”

Another replied: “Effective way? How interesting!”

One commented: “We’ve been Shanghaied.”

A netizen criticized the Chinese regime for a “waste of time and resources” with such a stupid policy, questioning that: “When are China going to realize this and start living with the virus rather unsustainable “zero COVID” policy.”

Burns became U.S. Ambassador to China on January 25, after being nominated by President Joe Biden and confirmed by the U.S. Senate in December 2021.

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