Washington on June 28 included five Chinese companies on a trade blacklist for allegedly associating with the Russian military during the Ukraine war.

The five Chinese firms the U.S. Commerce Department named were Connec Electronic Limited, King Pai Technology Company Limited, Sinno Electronics Company Limited, Winninc Electronic, and World Jetta (Hong Kong) Logistics Limited.

Reuters noted that as a result of Beijing’s crackdown on the city’s autonomy, Hong Kong is now regarded as being a part of China on the grounds of U.S. export controls.

From now on, U.S. suppliers of these companies will have to obtain a license from the Commerce Department before they may export to them.

The agency said these firms “supplied items to Russian entities of concern before February 24, 2022, and continue to contract to supply Russian entity listed and sanctioned parties after Russia’s further invasion of Ukraine.”

February 24 marks Russia’s beginning of its Ukraine invasion.

According to the Federal Register filing, Washington also added 36 other businesses from other nations besides China to the blacklist. However, 25 of the 36 new enterprises have operations in the second-largest economy globally.

As Reuters reported, Secretary of Commerce for Industry and Security Alan Estevez said, “Today’s action sends a powerful message to entities and individuals across the globe that if they seek to support Russia, the United States will cut them off as well.”

The Associated Press reported earlier in June that China was carefully tiptoeing from violating restrictions set out by the U.S. and its allies. 

Yet, while staying in a safe zone, China has surpassed Germany and became the largest single consumer of Russian energy while the conflict in Ukraine was raging on. China imported 8.42 million tons of oil from Russia in May, up 55% from the same period in 2021.

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