Sichuan suffered a deadly earthquake on September 5, with a depth of 16 km, causing damage to houses, landslides, and power outages. 

According to China Earthquake Networks, a 6.8 magnitude earthquake struck Lude, Sichuan, on September 5. Passers-by recorded the strong earthquake that caused a landslide, rockfall, and dust in a video.

On the same day, in Shimian County, Ya’an City, Sichuan, another earthquake of magnitude 4.2 occurred with a focal point of 15 km.

Statistics show that a total of 7 earthquakes with a magnitude of 2.8 or higher occurred within an hour. Chengdu and Chongqing suffered the worst.

According to the Epoch Times, the tremors left 46 people dead and many injured. The nearby buildings and houses were severely damaged, and the roads were completely obliterated. Currently, at least 300 rescue teams and drones are on the scene.

Everything in the house shook due to the magnitude of the earthquake. The hot pot and fish tank spilled, and numerous chandeliers began to shake violently. To dodge the quake, several people rushed outside..

Before the earthquake struck, many people had captured images of the fleeing animals. On the night of September 4, many bats were seen flying over Sichuan Mianzhu. This local also captured images of a school of fish behaving suspiciously by constantly jumping on the surface of the water.
Not only from the sky and water but also in the city area, many monkeys escaped the earthquake. The post claims that, before the earthquake shook Sichuan, fish, birds, and monkeys were ahead of humans by a day or at least a few hours.

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