A fire broke out in a high-rise apartment building in Urumqi City, Xinjiang Autonomous Region, on ​​the evening of November 24. It not only woke up the people of Urumqi, in Xinjiang but also many other Chinese people. 

In the past two days, information has emerged showing that there have been protests in Urumqi demanding lifting the lockdown order. The phenomenon has also occurred in Beijing, Guangzhou, Lanzhou, Wuhan, and other places, where people have continuously launched protests. During one such protest, people gathered on Wu Lu Mu Qi Street, Shanghai, chanting for the first time, “Communist Party, step down!”

The COVID pandemic in China continues to rage, and many local Chinese Communist Party (CCP) officials have implemented a policy of lockdown, control, and banning citizens from “stepping out of the house” without reason. Some areas have been locked down for a long time, such as the city of Urumqi in Xinjiang, where the lockdown has lasted for more than 100 days. On the evening of November 24, a fire broke out in a residential building in Jixiangyuan residence, Tianshan district), Urumqi city. According to official reports, 10 people died, and nine were injured in the fire.

Creaders.net, however, reported citizens pointing out that a doctor on duty claimed that the actual death toll was 44. At the same time, information about the exits from the building being locked and wire-wrapped broke out on social networks. Thus indicating that the cause of the disaster was excessive epidemic prevention. Immediately, many protests broke out in the local area and quickly spread to many parts of China.

Fire in Urumqi leads to a chain of protests

A Viral video shows that the protest started on November 25 in the 104th Army’s Lianxing residential area in Saybagh district, Urumqi city. Coincidentally, there was a fight in this residential area, and a man was arrested. People flocked to the police station demanding his release and shouted, “Lift the lockdown.” After that, some people raised the national flag and called for people to protest. The protest began a chain reaction, and soon after, the residents of the nearby Yihe residence toppled the main gate and demanded the lockdown be lifted.

On the same evening, protests expanded from the 104th Army Corps’ Lianxing to many other residences in Urumqi City, demanding that the authorities lift the blockade. The video shows residents dressed in warm clothes heading to the streets at night, shouting, “Lift the lockdown.” Then, they gather at one place and sing the “national anthem” before departing for the Urumqi city committee building.

A video shows a large number of residents entering the city council building. In another video, a resident told so-called city CCP leaders: “Whether we civilians are right or wrong, you should not brutally enforce the law,” adding, “You don’t even have the minimum professionalism of a civil servant, this is truly an act from the black force protected by laws?.”

Residents of Bayingolin and Korla in Xinjiang gather to protest

On November 26, a netizen posted a video that reads: “People at the gate of the Bayingolin Autonomous Region of Mongolia, Xinjiang, demand the lockdown be lifted.” The video shows that, in the dark of night, people are constantly chanting the slogan “Lift the lockdown.”

In another video, netizens said: “In Korla city, Xinjiang, people have just gathered in front of the administration gate to ask for the lockdown order to be lifted.” In the video, many people gathered and shouted in the dark. Their shouts of “Lift the lockdown” could be heard very loudly and clearly. However, a video showed them being violently dispersed by police, and it became chaotic. Some netizens believe that the video is so dark because the authorities have turned off all the street lights in Korla.

Beijing resident chants, ‘No more nucleic acid tests. Give us back freedom’

On November 26, a netizen known as “Xu Gege” released a video that reads: “The resistance of the people of the capital: No more nucleic acid test. Give us back freedom! The capital is mighty; the people of Beijing keep fighting!.” Many residents can be seen walking in the cold, shouting: “No more nucleic acid test. Give us back freedom!”

Another video posted on November 26 shows anti-epidemic staff in Zhouzhuang Jiayuan, Chaoyang District, Beijing, beating people. In the video, two anti-epidemic workers brutally beat people, and their screams are heard. Today, residents tore down the corrugated iron sheet barricades, demanding the lockdown be lifted [in the video at 0:30]. Many rushed out of the dormitory and kicked hard against the corrugated iron sheet.

Lanzhou residents sing the national anthem and call for an end to the blockade

On November 26, a netizen posted a video that read, “Today, the dormitories in Gansu Province also started protesting!” In the video, many people gathered on the road and sang the national anthem together, and a police car arrived at the scene. In another video [at 0:42], when anti-epidemic staff and police were present at the residence gate, many residents shouted, “Lift the lockdown.” One citizen said: “Ironically, the people who don’t let you sing the national anthem are the ones who force you to sing the national anthem in elementary school.”

In another video, more and more people in Lanzhou are protesting and have upended a nucleic acid sampling station. According to Vision Times, a netizen known as “A shi dian” said: “Gansu has been closed for a long time. I must go back to school next month to take the exam. I called the district epidemic prevention center, and they said I should not return because the road was blocked. If I return to school and take the bus to the highway intersection, I will be taken to quarantine for five or eight days, even though I’m in a low-risk area.”

Residents in Wuhan, Hubei chanted in the streets, ‘Lift the lockdown! We want to live’

A netizen who posted a video on November 26 said, “In the ancient city of Hankou, Wuhan, people gathered downstairs and shouted through loudspeakers’ Lift the lockdown! We want to live.'” In the video, many residents, including many older people, gather under street lights. A woman led the protest and kept chanting, “Remove the lockdown. Remove the lockdown. Remove the lockdown. We want to live!.” Many residents applauded.

Residents in Guangzhou, Guangdong province, rushed out to protest

Netizens posted a video on November 26, saying that in Baiyun District, Guangzhou City, many people gathered in the night. Someone pushed over the iron fence barricade, causing a loud noise. Another video from Shangyong village in Guangzhou shows many civilians and people wearing protective clothing and a police car with flashing lights. One citizen commented, “Compared to Beijing and Shanghai, the people of Guangdong are really too pragmatic. They just act without any emotions.”

Shanghai residents shout ‘Communist Party step down’: Chongqing and Changle residents protest

In Shanghai, on Wu Lu Mu Qi street, people gathered and chanted, “Communist Party step down!.” This is the newest slogan. In the video in Chongqing, police, and residents are talking to each other, and a loudspeaker is playing the song “March of the Volunteers.”

Vision Times shared a citizen’s opinion: “Why is the incident in Urumqi so much more serious for the Communist Party than the incident at the Foxconn factory? Firstly, it is because Foxconn is just an economic complaint, very easy to solve, and the first object of the complaint is the factory. At the same time, the protest in Urumqi is about the country’s “zero-COVID” policy, the subject is the Urumqi CCP authorities which is of political nature. Secondly, only 20,000 to 30,000 Foxconn workers participated in the protest, and the scale is generally manageable. At the same time, in Urumqi, there are more people participating, and behind them are the people of Xinjiang. Thirdly, Urumqi is located in a sensitive area of ​​Xinjiang.”

Tang Jingyuan, a commentator on current affairs, said in “Quick and Far Comments” on November 26 that the protest event in Xinjiang follows the Foxconn incident, and collective conflict broke out almost simultaneously in Haizhou district, Guangzhou city, etc. All of these clearly show that mainland people’s tolerance for the zero-COVID policy has reached the tipping point, and the pressure in the pressure cooker is on the verge of breaking out. If this wave of protest cannot overthrow zero-COVID policies, the next step will be a strict military management system.

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