According to a person familiar with the Miss World China organization, most of the prize money was misappropriated by the organizers. The contestants will not get much in the end.

The 69th Miss World China champion Li Peishan , said that she didn’t receive a penny in prize money. The complex interest relationship surfaced for a while, causing public doubts.

According to Southern Weekend, the Miss World China competition has been subcontracted at various levels. Each link in the chain of subcontractors can bring benefits to the relevant parties.

For example, the cooperation model of the 66th Miss World Guangdong Division was divided into three grades. The A-level cooperation was worth $116 thousand (800,000 yuan). The B-level is $87 thousand. The C-level is $29 thousand.

In addition, if merchants want to be named or sponsored, the sponsorship fee for a single title in the final is as high as $289 thousand (2 million yuan).

A person in charge of organizing the Miss China pageants said that the price of hosting is a secret that is not spoken of within the industry. Organizers have separate agreements with sponsors. Parts of the agreements are not specified in the contract.

The person in charge added that if the organizer obtains the right to undertake the project through the channel of an internal intermediary, the cost will be lower than that of the official channel. As the organizer, the direct income of the project can reach five or six times, but if you add the follow-up player endorsement, exhibition platform, and brand promotion conference attendance, the profit can reach ten times or twenty times.”The person in charge also mentioned that New Silk Road Hainan Cultural Industry Group took away most of the money. The contestants didn’t get much in the end.

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