Across China, people are bussed and quarantined because of the so-called “zero-COVID policy,” which causes all kinds of chaos. After the tragic deaths of 27 people when a transit bus in Guiyang overturned, there was another incident where Sichuan people were stuck in the bus for 7 hours, unable to eat, drink, or go to the bathroom, their collective protest video went viral.

On September 18, a netizen posted a video on Weibo saying, “Please pay attention to the pandemic situation in Dazhou. I was urged to get up by the pandemic prevention staff at 5 am, cooperating with the government’s pandemic prevention to focus on quarantine, but I was stuck on a bus for more than 7 hours. I was not allowed to get off the bus. There were both elderly and young people on the bus. I am hungry and have nothing to eat. I want to go to the bathroom but I am not allowed to get off the bus. I really did not expect that quarantined people are treated like this, at least daily food and drink must be taken care of.”

NTDTV quoted residents as saying that Dazhou and Chengdu were under lockdown almost at the same time. The government announced that the lockdown order of Dachuan District had ended, but in reality, almost half the district is still under lockdown.

The video shows a group of people in white protective gear getting stuck on a bus, banging on the ceiling and windows, shouting, “We need to go to the bathroom!”

A video went viral, with angry netizens saying, “It’s outrageous, it feels like they (the Chinese government) can do anything to make it look better.” “It’s so perverted, not to eat, not to drink, not to go to the toilet, not to mention children and the elderly, it’s outrageous.”

But at the same time, the video was also censored, NTDTV quoted the people, using censored writing as saying: “The same city that doesn’t even have a hot search, zf (meaning government) is to silence them. In the past few days, the officially reported medium and high risk areas have decreased a bit. Today, only Dachuan district has high risk, Tongchuan district will continue opening classes tomorrow and I think everything is going to be better but when I watched the video ‘stuck in the bus for 7 hours and couldn’t go to the toilet’, I saw the phrase #Dazhou epidemic prevention# , I actually shed tears, now I understand what is called a false/fake peace.”

A netizen in Dazhou said, “The leader said that (by) the 20th (they) should achieve zero-COVID, as soon as the leader arrived, the local government said that Dachuan district was lifted, but after the leader left they put the lockdown in place again. It was announced outside that on the September 10, the lockdown was lifted, but we know very well, there are still positive cases, and seven new cases were added yesterday.”

According to RFI, on the same day that people in Dazhou, Sichuan were trapped in a bus, in the early morning of September 18, a bus carrying quarantined people in Guiyang, Guizhou province overturned on the highway, killing at least 27 people and injuring 20 others. Although the incident caused public concern, the transit of quarantined people in many places has not stopped.

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