On September 26, hundreds of residents in Xinzhou Street, Futian District, Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province China gathered on the streets to protest and demanded an end to the lockdown. Angry residents shouted: “The government lies, does not keep its word!” The reason is that on September 25, authorities suddenly announced that many places in the newly added Futian District, Shenzhen City are high-risk areas, and will continue to be locked down. As a result, residents were outraged, took to the streets to protest, then police and residents clashed.

According to a report by the Shenzhen government, on September 25, there were 5 new confirmed cases of the COVID-19 virus and 5 asymptomatic infections in Shenzhen. According to another report by Economic Daily News, the Shenzhen government announced that some buildings and neighborhoods have been designated high-risk areas.

According to the report, high-risk areas implemented “no-step-out, door-to-door service” measures. Specific management measures for medium-risk areas are organized and implemented by the local neighborhood committee.

Sound of Hope said that the sudden announcement of the extension of the lockdown made local residents angry, who then poured into the streets to protest, demanding the lockdown end.

A video posted by netizens shows that the government sent the police to arbitrate, but residents refused to listen.

Crowds of residents in Futian District, gathered on the streets, chanting slogans: “Close the door. Lockdown and control without reason! Give us our freedom back!”

The Shenzhen city government sent a large number of policemen wearing blue protective gear to suppress the gathering and the police even held up a sign, “Law enforcement police, please cooperate,” But residents completely ignored it, and some threw things at the police.

A large number of police rushed into the crowd and began to arrest the protest leaders.

Hundreds to thousands of police then drove into Shenzhen’s Shawei neighborhood to crack down on the protesters, and many were arrested.

To coordinate with the police who were suppressing the protests in Shawei, the Shenzhen government also stopped the subway at Shawei Station, citing the prevention of the pandemic.

According to Shenzhen News as of 9 pm on September 26, the Shawei No.7 Metro Station in Shenzhen has been temporarily closed. Trains in both directions will pass through the station without stopping. Specific recovery will be announced later.

Sound of Hope said that Shenzhen netizens felt bad about the situation in Xinzhou, Futian district, Shenzhen city.

A netizen commented, “Shawei station has stopped working. I really don’t know how many times Shawei has closed this year.”

“The lockdown has been going on for almost a year! … Does anyone understand this feeling? Today, a girl from Chaoshan in Futian committed suicide.”

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