The Chinese communist regime’s insistence on the “zero-COVID” policy has caused a humanitarian crisis. The fire in Urumqi, Xinjiang, on November 24, caused by the authorities blocking the exits and rescuers, killed at least 10 people and the “White Paper Revolution” erupted. The protests have become increasingly fierce, forcing authorities to take a softer attitude, and many places in China have gradually loosened pandemic restrictions.

However, recently, an incident of a 25-year-old man being violently dragged away by pandemic workers in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province caused public outrage. The official report said the staff involved had apologized and the young man had also been quarantined.

In the video, the young man initially refused to go to the field hospital and continued to sit on the sofa. All of a sudden, workers started to drag him off. A woman filming said, “Can you guys not be so violent? Can’t you use the time to talk?” Seeing the man struggling, one worker roared, “We’ll arrest you in a moment.”

The video went viral on the Chinese internet and the official report on November 30 said that, on November 27, a 25-year-old man surnamed Zhao came in contact with a COVID-19 case. He was identified as a close contact with the patient on November 28. After that, pandemic workers repeatedly told him to go into quarantine, but the man refused to cooperate, so the workers went to his house and they struggled.

The official report mentioned that after the incident, the neighborhood committee criticized and educated the workers and they apologized to the man and he is now in quarantine.

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