The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) national 20th Congress is about to end, and Xi Jinping will almost certainly stay in office. Many netizens expressed disappointment about this. However, the netizen nicknamed The Fire Phoenix has a different view.

Vision Times cited The Fire Phoenix saying that if Xi doesn’t get re-elected, he will be more worried because only Xi can quickly send the red dragon, or CCP, to hell.

According to The Fire Phoenix, because Xi is still in power, the Wolf Diplomacy and Zero-COVID policy are still in place. These two policies will make the world more aware of CCP’s rogue nature.

Since Xi became the supreme leader of the CCP, the world began to see a new type of diplomacy commonly seen among Chinese diplomats.

This type of diplomacy is called “Wolf Warrior” diplomacy, referring to the aggressive attitude, language, and diplomacy of Chinese diplomats as they respond to situations in which China’s regime is affected.

Reuters reported that China’s Vice Foreign Minister Ma Zhaoxu released a statement on September 29 stating that if Xi stays in office, the CCP’s aggressive diplomacy will not change.

“Wolf Warrior” has made the world increasingly frustrated and annoyed with CCP. A survey earlier this year showed this.

In addition, Zero-COVID based on lockdown caused a severe recession in China’s economy and affected the world’s supply chain. At the same time, the draconian anti-epidemic measures have increasingly shown the authoritarian nature of the CCP.

In addition to the two condemned policies mentioned above, Xi Jinping is also criticized by far-left policies, including the policy of prioritizing the development of state-owned enterprises while restricting private companies.

The Fire Phoenix said that if a more open-minded person replaced Xi in the next term, the Chinese economic situation and the image of the CCP would be improved.

This will create a bad future because it helps the CCP continue to deceive the world and expand its lifetime of control.

Vision Times also cited a netizen forecasting that, in or before 2024, the world will undergo a significant change, and the West will be more assertive in anti-communist activities.

At the same time, this netizen reminds Hong Kong people to speed up and sit tight. The ride is a bit bumpy, but the finish line will soon be in sight.

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