Last month, an unprecedented brawl broke out at the Chinese consulate in Manchester. A protester was dragged into the consulate yard and assaulted by staff, including the consul general.

On November 21, British Police said they had identified several offenses in the incident.

Hong Kong-born Bob Chan said he was joining a group protesting against Chinese President Xi Jinping outside the consulate in Manchester when masked men pulled him inside and kicked and punched him. 

He told Sky News, “Actually, that moment, I was thinking that I might die inside.” The 30-year-old man said in a press conference on October 19 that he suffered bruises on his eyes, head, neck, and back. 

Greater Manchester Police said it had gathered evidence from mobile phone footage and eyewitnesses to determine the complete picture of what happened.

There have been no arrests, but they have “identified a number of offenses including assault and a public order violation.”

Assistant Chief Constable Chris said, “We’re continuing to gain a clearer understanding of the timeline of events that led to an initially peaceful protest escalating in the way it did, and this has seen us identify several offenses and potential suspects and victims.”

Last week, Britain’s domestic spy chief said intimidation and harassment against British nationals or those living in the UK would not be tolerated.

The incident has added strain to relations that have deteriorated in recent years between the UK and China.

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