Mountains in Guizhou suddenly emit mysterious light

On October 4, a strange phenomenon appeared on a mountain in Guizhou.

People recorded a Video showing that there is an eerie orange-red glowing light between the green tree-covered mountains. The scene looks like an orange flood light reflecting off the mountain. Or even the forest behind the mountain is on fire, but there is no smoke. Then the sky gradually turned dark, making people confused about the phenomenon.

Hunan: Pickle industry in Huarong County suffered losses as unhealthy production leaked

Pickle production is one of the leading industries in Huarong County, Hunan Province. However, it has significant losses after China’s official media, CCTV, exposed the dirty and messy production process in March of this year.

According to Chinese media, Huarong County is the hometown of mustard vegetables. In 2017, the county’s mustard planting area was 3,600 acres (220,000 mu), and there were 39 processing enterprises producing pickles. More than 130,000 workers produce a total output value of $604 million (4.3 billion yuan).

As reported by CNA, the Hunan Chaqi Caiye Limited Company, exposed by CCTV, is a large-scale vegetable reprocessing enterprise in Huarong County. It is known as a leading enterprise in provincial agricultural products. They transferred 2,000 acres of land and four production lines to farmers.

However, Hunan Chaqi Caiye Limited Company was shut down, and the factory that produces sauerkraut was closed due to leaked news of unhealthy production. As a result, more than 30 pickled vegetable factories in Huarong County have shut down since March 16.

Besides, Zhang Hongxing (nickname), who is in charge of a vegetable processing factory in Huarong county, said mustard growers suffered the most. After the annual harvest, farmers often sell some directly to the factory for mustard and leave the rest for pickling. The plants left by the farmers will rot if the factories don’t collect them within a week or two.

Viral video shows the danger as 3 girls climb to a rooftop to play without protection

Recently, a viral video on Chinese social networks showed three girls in Suining, Sichuan, climbing onto the roof of a building to play. It caused many people watching to be afraid for them.

Footage showed one of the girls climbing over the guardrail and stepping onto the canopy to walk. The other girl sat outside the railing with her legs hanging in the air but without any protection. The scene looks extremely dangerous.

Fortunately, people discovered them and immediately called the security guard. The three girls were then warned and brought down to safety.

Some netizens felt the danger after watching the video, saying that people must educate their children about safety.

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