Recently, a character named “Zhang Shanshan” has been mentioned all over Chinese social media. Some netizens pointed out that she holds key positions in dozens of nucleic acid companies across the country and is called the “Nucleic Acid Queen” by netizens.

The video shows thick stacks of money lying on a table in front of a woman in a small room. The cardboard box behind the woman is filled with money, and many employees line up to receive their wages.

The 2-minute video shows five people receiving money. When the woman paid the first employee’s salary, she said, “110,000 ($15,650) is your salary, and the boss compensates the other 10,000 ($1,420). Ha, it’s because you haven’t been home for so long, and then we will compensate you for the extra 10,000 yuan ($1,420), you know, take it, take it, hurry up and go home.”

While paying the third employee, she said, “If you want to do it, you can do it; because the boss has changed, so if you don’t want to do it, you can quit and go home.”

The last person to receive the money was a middle-aged-looking woman. Her salary was $15,650, plus a subsidy of $1,420. These salaries are well beyond what most people have been able to earn during the constant lockdown and testing process. The massive profits made by the testing companies allows them to be very generous with their employees.

Some citizens posted the ranking of the top 10 nucleic acid companies for the first half of the year online. The highest is Dean Diagnostics, with revenue of $152.3 million and a net profit of $256 million. Last on the list is Jidan Biotech, with a net profit of almost $47 million.

COVID testing was previously free for Chinese people, meaning the Communist regime used taxes to pay for testing companies. Lately, free testing is dwindling, and people have to pay out of their pockets while many workers have been in misery after losing their jobs. In addition, many businesses suffered during the CCP’s blockade policy.

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