After two months in the so-called ‘social zero Covid’ stage, Jilin city has fallen into another lockdown after one infected case was detected. The lockdown comes with three rounds of mass Covid testing in the urban area for all citizens.

According to the Chinese newspaper Caixin, this round of lockdown will last for 3 days, from June 20 to 22. Local authorities have suspended public transportation, school activities, and public gathering. 

Chinese overseas media reported that due to the extension of the previous lockdown, many residents feared that the restriction might last longer than three days this time. After the restriction was announced, many residents rushed out to stock up on food supplies. 

A Jilin resident told Caixin that on the evening of the 19th, he went out to buy some vegetables. However, he found that all grocery shops had closed by 8 p.m. Three hours later, he managed to get some potatoes after a truck loaded with veggies arrived at a nearby shop.

Following the new regulation, several outskirt areas of the city quickly imposed restrictions on people traveling to and from Jilin City.

Liu Xin is a resident living in Huadian, one of five  prefecture-level cities of Jilin City. The area isn’t located in the main urban area of ​​Jilin City, nor is it within the scope of mandated Covid-test areas. The resident told Caixin that she will take a medical licensing exam in Changchun on June 22, which takes place once a year. Although her health code on the health tracking app is green, Changchun Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters told her that she’s not allowed to enter Changchun, regardless of whether she came from the central city or not. She tried to contact several state departments but could not get through.

On the afternoon of the 20th, a classmate who went to Changchun City for the exam told her that as long as the itinerary card originated from Jilin City, she could not take the exam.

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