According to RFA, Ni Yaling, a senior researcher at the French Foundation for Strategic Studies, officially published a new book titled “Taiwan face à la Chine” on Thursday, May 19. In her book, Yaling pointed out that if China launches military action against Taiwan, it may trigger the downfall of the Chinese regime.

Valerie NIQUET, a senior researcher at the French Foundation for Strategic Studies, told RFA that Ni Yaling has wanted to write this book about Taiwan for a long time because many people wondered whether Taiwan is a country or not and, if not, why Taiwan is not a country.

She said that China’s discourse explains that democracy is a Western value and does not apply to Chinese culture. However, Taiwan’s democracy confirms that democracy can blossom and bear fruit in the world of Chinese culture.

She added that China wants to take Taiwan because this island prevents China from expanding into the South China Sea into the Pacific Ocean and opposes U.S. ambitions.

According to Ni Yaling, there are two ways that China regime may attempt to take Taiwan. The first one is that the Chinese government uses peaceful measures to reach their target, following how they took Hong Kong. However, the Taiwanese were wary when China did not keep its promise to uphold the principle of “one country, two systems” with Hong Kong.

The second one is to use military actions. But, Ni Yaling said that a Chinese military action against Taiwan could trigger the downfall of the Chinese regime.

Ni Yaling argued that it was too difficult for China’s invasion of Taiwan. Especially since the Ukraine war. China should realize how difficult it is to cross the Taiwan Strait first, and China has logistical problems.

Meanwhile, the Taiwanese were encouraged by the resistance Ukraine has shown against Russia, reinforcing their belief that Taiwan can resist China.

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