The latest poll on an international scale has found that most have poor views of China. In that, the country’s infamous treatment of human rights is the top source of concern.

Nonpartisan think tank Pew Research Center on June 29 released new survey results about how people worldwide see China. Respondents came from 19 developed countries.

According to the survey, 68% of respondents, on average, had a negative opinion of China, which was at or very close to record highs in several nations. 

Japan was at the top with 87%, Australia with 86%, Sweden with 83%, the U.S. with 82%, and South Korea with 80%. 

Of the 19 nations polled, China gained positive impressions in Singapore, Malaysia, and Israel. While Israel saw somewhat divided opinions, 46% negatively vs. 48% positively, those favoring China in Singapore and Malaysia were significantly greater, with 67% and 60%. Respondents from the two nations also had little criticism of China’s human rights policies.

Human rights practices in China tops the four reasons that influenced people’s view of the country. Respectively, the other three are its military power, economic competition, and involvement in its country’s politics.

The survey discovered that those with very notable qualms about Beijing’s human rights policies are far more likely to hold negative opinions about China. Those who expressed the worst impression of China’s treatment of human rights were Australia at 91%, Sweden at 90%, and the U.S. and South Korea at 89%.

Despite being unapproving of the issue, South Koreans still agreed in most that their country might prioritize economic ties with China over promoting human rights. South Korea tops the few nations that accepted this agenda; following up were Singapore with 60%, Israel with 57%, Malaysia with 55%, and Hungary with 44%.

In contrast, most regions agreed on the opposite. It is more crucial to promote human rights in China, even if doing so would cost economic ties with it. On average, 70% of those polled in the 19 countries agreed with this. 

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