Since the beginning of the year, many cases of property owners claiming collective ownership rights across mainland China. Aug. 9 was the handover date of the Wuyue Plaza real estate area in Yubei district, Chongqing. Some homebuyers were not satisfied with the quality of the work and asked real estate developer Seazen Holdings to explain. 

However, at the meeting, employees of Seazen overturned the sofa that the homebuyers were sitting on, leaving several people injured and bleeding. The video quickly went viral, and became a hot search on Weibo, garnering widespread attention.

The video shows the four homebuyers were sitting on a sofa when five employees of the real estate company Seazen Holdings rushed over and flipped it, causing all four to fall to the floor and could not get up. The staff acted as if nothing had happened, and they ignored the people still lying on the floor.

Photos circulating on Weibo show someone with an injured arm, another with an injured neck. Others took the four injured people to the hospital and called the police. The homebuyer is still in the hospital, but the developer has not uttered a single word of apology. Some netizens also pointed out that a woman may have suffered a mild traumatic brain injury when her head hit the floor.

A photo later posted by a homeowner shows an iron pipe blocking the stairs, obstructing movement, with the comment “How can such an apartment pass acceptance test and quality control?”

Many netizens have also posted photos of apartment quality problems in Wuyue Plaza. Some owners pointed to a number of issues including using a rangefinder, the height of the apartment had been changed from 16 feet to 14 feet, the area of ​​the apartment had been decreased by 3%, and the total number of floors of the building had increased from 31 to 35 floors. The floor-to-ceiling glass windows have been changed to narrow column beams, the outside protection railing had also been placed inside the apartment, the drainage pipes that were supposed to be outside have also been placed inside.

In addition, the photos also showed that the contract’s seals did not match and remained unsigned, and there were holes in the floors upstairs and downstairs. Some netizens criticized that they spent their whole life’s savings buying the home but discovered the construction unit had worked very unethically, according to Sound Of Hope.

Seazen Holdings belongs to Xincheng Holdings or Future Land. Xincheng Holdings was established in June 1996 and listed in December 2015. The legal representative of the group is Wang Xiaosong, with a registered capital of about of more than $335 billion. The group’s business scope includes real estate development; industrial investment.

Wuyue Plaza is a complex project under Seazen Holdings, the company’s first project in Chongqing, and the fifth project in the Sichuan – Chongqing area. Seazen Holdings has not yet responded to the incident.

Xincheng Holding is involved in a number of legal proceedings, and has been prosecuted in many tract disputes and commercial housing sale contract disputes. In the case where Shanghai Zhongjun Real Estate Development Company invested by Xincheng Group, is accused of causing serious water leakage, along with other quality problems when handing over a home, so the court ordered a fine of 400,000 yuan, (nearly $6,000).

Wang Zhenhua, former chairman of Future Land, and former chairman of Seazen Group, is suspected of sexually abusing a 9-year-old girl in a hotel in Shanghai in July 2019. The local procuratorate approved Wang’s arrest and that of a woman named Zhou Yanfen in connection with the case, on suspicion of child molestation. On June 17, 2020, the Shanghai Putuo District Court sentenced Wang and Zhou to prison terms of 5 years and 4 years, respectively.

The rich man sexually assaulted a young girl but was not punished with a severe sentence, which made the public very angry. Chu Yin, a professor at Renmin University of China’s Department of International Relations, bluntly criticized the pedophilia crimes of the rich on Weibo: “Actually, there is a distinction between little girls. The princesses of university professors, prosecutors and lawyers are well protected, but the daughters of the poor are the real victims of abuse.”

Professor Chu recalled that the crime of “sexually abusing little girls,” which was abolished in 2015, had created opportunities for countless CCP dignitaries to commit crimes, he added: “Initially, the state regulated that sex with a girl under the age of 14 constitutes rape. Then a group of lawyers, jurists, and members of the National Assembly fabricated it as the act of prostitution of a girl? That is, if it is a prostitute then your crime is not rape. Furthermore, if you do not know you’re selling a girl’s sex, you could be innocent.”

Yu Minhong, president of New Oriental Education & Technology group, also released a video at the time, calling for the National People’s Congress to amend the law, with the following content: “In the Song, Yuan, Ming, and Qing dynasties, child sexual abuse was almost always a death sentence, with the maximum penalty for this crime in the United States being 250 years in prison, chemical castration in Korea, and 20 years in prison in Singapore. The current law is too lenient for child sex abuse. Members of the National Assembly should be urged to amend the relevant laws.”

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