The current outbreak of COVID-19 is intensifying in Hainan Province. The pandemic has spread to 13 cities and counties on the Chinese island since the beginning of August.

China Watch reported that the number of positive cases had exceeded 5,000.

The pandemic has affected seven cities, including Sanya, Haikou, Danzhou, Dongfang, Wanning, Wuzhishan, and Qionghai. It has also impacted six counties, including Ledong, Chengmai, Lingshui, Lingao, Ding’an, and Changjiang.

Six cities and counties are experiencing severe conditions, and the local officials admitted that the epidemic is developing rapidly. 

From August 1st to August 12th, nearly 5,200 positive infections in this round of the outbreak in Hainan Province have been reported. Sanya City is the most affected, with more than 4,300 cases.

Since August 12th, Hainan has built nearly 9,000 beds in square cabin hospitals.

As China races to contain COVID outbreaks in this tourism hub, many measures have been taken.

Some cities, such as Dongfang, introduced city-wide restrictions on movement. For example, the residents are not allowed to “enter or leave home.” They also must maintain a state of silence.

Some places, such as Lingao County, conducted temporary static management. All commercial businesses and public areas were forced to close. Except for essential vehicles, public transport means such as buses, taxis, and online car-hailing are all stopped. All citizens are asked not to go out or gather unless necessary.

As the lockdown measures have worsened, some tourists stranded in Wanning City posted online requests for help. They said they were almost “out of ammunition and food,” and no one cared about them. They added that they have nowhere to ask for help.

Netizen “Baoxi Baodong” posted on Weibo that he and his child were stranded in a hotel in Wanning county. The restaurant was closed, and the hotel’s owner was not allowed to go out to buy food. He almost ran out of food, but there was no help from the authorities.

He said that although he has often called a hotline for feedback on this issue, he has never received an answer. The netizen said the most urgent thing to solve now is food, but no one is responsible, and there is no hope.

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