Recently, many people were stranded at the Guangzhou South Railway Station in China. Some videos on the internet show people lying on the ground to sleep.

On November 30, the topic “Guangzhou South Railway Station” appeared on hot searches on Weibo and Baidu in China.

Yangcheng Evening News reported that the person in charge of Guangzhou South Station said that the news that the station was closed on November 29 was a rumor. Due to the pandemic, the station was closed at night to disinfect. After disinfecting the entire terminal at 5 a.m., passengers can return.

A video posted on the Internet showed many people stranded in the lobby of the closed South station and many lying on the floor. These stranded people include people who have been quarantined in Haizhu district, Guangzhou city who asked to return to their hometown, and students who left Tianhe district at night.

In the video, a taxi driver said: “Guangzhou South Station was closed, and many people couldn’t get inside, so they stayed outside. Another resident stuck at the station was walking while taking video and saying, “We are currently at the gate of Guangzhou South Station. The station is closed, and many people have gathered in front of the gate. Some people lie on the floor, and others keep coming.”

A netizen said: “A lot of university students are suddenly called back to their hometown, many of them rush to pack their things and quickly leave the school! Some don’t even have time to eat lunch for fear of leaving late, they will be locked at school or on the street. Only a few universities arrange specialized shuttle buses. In such cold weather, having to stay outside Guangzhou South Railway Station is an international joke!”

“Last night was very special, because to avoid students running everywhere, many main roads were blocked, people could only look at the map to see which roads were not blocked. In the end, most university students found there was only one road leading to the South Station. But when they arrived, the station was closed! Because the road was blocked and there was not enough food prepared, they were hungry and cold. These students are the future pillars of the country, and it is pitiful to destroy them in this way!”

“After the White Paper Revolution, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) used the pretext of strengthening pandemic prevention and control to stabilize the political situation and enhance surveillance of the entire population. To prevent people from gathering, they forced universities across the country to close earlier than expected, and factories with fewer orders asked their employees to return home early, causing even worse humanitarian disasters.

On the 24th of this month, a fire broke out in Urumqi, and the rescue was delayed due to the lockdown, causing casualties. After the incident, residents and university students in Urumqi, Beijing, Shanghai, Sichuan, Wuhan, Qingdao, Guangzhou, and many other places launched anti-lockdown protests. Some participants held a white paper to protest, hence the name “White Paper Revolution.” After the demonstrations, colleges and universities in Beijing and Guangzhou told students to go home.

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