The COVID outbreak in Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province, is severe. Several quarantine facilities are being set up, with more than 240,000 beds planned. A large number of residents of Kangle village in Haizhu district are suspected to be infected with COVID. Therefore, residents are under surveillance by authorities.

A series of videos uploaded to YouTube on November 17 shows the COVID situation in Guangzhou.

One of the videos shows that many people are apparently lying on the ground. 

The man who filmed the video said that these people could not enter their houses because they had been sealed.

In another video, some residents try to escape from Haizhu district. Unfortunately, it was in vain, they could only go back.

The Guangzhou Gymnasium has even been converted into a quarantine site.

The site is small, with hundreds of beds in one room. 

The conditions in another quarantine facility in Guangzhou are not better.

People are being dragged to quarantine in several locations.

Meanwhile, across Guangzhou, many fences, barriers are being set up in many places.

Videos circulating on social media show that hundreds of people took to the streets in Guangzhou’s Haizhu district on the night of November 14 to protest. Some even pushed over barricades that prevented locked-down residents from leaving their homes.

A few clashed with officials in hazmat suits.

Protesters chanted, “No more testing.” They even threw debris at the police.

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