The Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP’s) extreme epidemic prevention and control are causing chaos in people’s lives. Somebody reported a video from a few days ago showing a family of four playing mahjong at home. As a result, the police came to reprimand these people. The story made public opinion boil. Some netizens scoffed: Will a family be reprimanded when they share a table at home?

The video shows a family of four who was reportedly playing mahjong at home during the epidemic prevention and control period. The police then entered their home and reprimanded them, asking them to ensure they would not gather at home, sit in circles and play mahjong.

In the video, a family of four stands in a line, with their hands behind their backs and wearing masks, listening to a policeman’s teachings. After that, everyone admitted their fault to the police. While receiving the instructions, another policeman beside them threatened: “If you are discovered and reported again by the residential area’s people, you will be severely punished by the law.” 

After the video was released, it caused a wave of indignation. Many netizens expressed ridicule and anger at the authorities’ extreme epidemic prevention measures.

The Epoch Times quoted comments from some netizens:

One person said: “With this logic, will a family eating at the same table during the pandemic be reprimanded?”

Another said: “The person who is reprimanding looks so serious, I can’t help but laugh.”

Someone asked: “Is there any law that says so? It should be made clear!”

Netizens condemn: “The crime of human nature makes me speechless.”

Previously, according to netizens, similar scenes had happened many times in Hubei province, China.

video shows that on February 13, 2020, a family of three played mahjong at home in Doushan Village, Xiaochang County, Xiaogan City, Hubei Province. Suddenly, a man wearing a red armband entered the house and smashed a glass of water on the mahjong table. After the man playing mahjong resisted, many other red-armband people ran in and dragged the mahjong players out. One of them even stepped forward and slapped a player a few times. The mahjong table was also dragged out the door and smashed. Someone posted the video on the internet; many netizens condemned the regime’s brutal law enforcement.

Another video shows, in February 2020, a family of four in Fushui Town, Anlu City, Hubei Province, being arrested and publicly reprimanded by the police for playing poker at home. The family has publicly admitted to violating the “no gatherings, no playing poker” rules at home. Public opinion condemned the extreme epidemic prevention policy after the video spread on the internet.

Some netizens said: “This is so confusing. A family of four can’t gather together, so why can you hold a meeting of dozens of people?”

Another netizen said: “So funny! A family of four eating together is also an illegal gathering? If they don’t play poker, the four of them look at each other all day, huh?”

Another person said: “So what can we do at home? Facing the wall?”

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